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An Event that is Fresh, Dynamic and Innovative - the LearnX Way!
How does one who motivates others stay motivated as well?  As an L&D professional you know that motivation impacts
on how you become better and you also know that when surrounded by top performers your motivation to learn can reach new levels.  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE
 Don't miss this outstanding opportunity to participate in some of the best conference sessions you will ever attend! 
Date              2 Day Conference - Tue 10th & Wed 11th September 2013 
Venue Sydney Convention Centre
Registration  Open 08:00am   Registration Options - Fees Register Online  -  Download Rego Form
Conference Commences 08:50am - MC introductions
Program Day 1
Keynote (K1.1)9:00am Evolution of coaching: Where did coaching come from, where is it now, and
where is it going?
Dr Gary Ranker, Author 'Political Dilemmas in the Workplace'.Cited by Forbes as being one of the top five executive performance coaches.  
After 24 years of working with top CEOs and senior managers internationally as their executive coach, Gary Ranker is increasingly aware that the field of coaching is evolving. He sees the next phase as how coaching is regarded. Coaching has been seen as a time limited extension of executive learning, and will become an ongoing valuable function in an organization for top management.......Learn more
Keynote (K1.2)9:30am
A Leader's Guide to Organisational Creativity
Dr Ralph Kerle, Founder 'The Creative Skills Training Council, Asia Pacific' and the 'Leadership Forum'. Named one of IBM's 100 Global Creative Leaders in 2011.
A 21st Century Organization needs to be a creative thinking organization driven by continuous and focused learning in order to survive, sustain and grow. To achieve these ideals, a 21st Century organization has to develop a creative and innovative learning framework and environment that encourages creative behaviour to support organisational goals and objectives. The creative thinking and practices of leaders......Learn more
Keynote (K1.3) 9:50am
Online Video: How it changes and enhances the way we learn!
Prof Laurie Burruss, Senior Director of Education - Lynda.com 
In the last 3 decades, facilitators have moved from the 4 walls of the classroom to the infinite possibilities of the Internet. With ten plus years of online video in the making, training resources using rich media reside everywhere - YouTube, Vimeo, Open Education Resources, lecture capture inside an LMS, and 3rd party rich media libraries. These resources are becoming fully integrated in the learning space and a matter of choice for the learner. As well as this rapid adoption of this technology......Learn more
Keynote (K1.4)

Developing competent workers: The roles of formal and informal learning
  Saul Carliner PhD, Author 'Informal Learning Basics' 
As awareness of informal learning grows along with the technology to support it (like social media and mobile learning), should we "blow up the training department?" as some advocate?  Or do formal and informal learning have important, complementary roles to play, as others note?  This 'Keynote Impact Session' explores the issue.  In the process of doing so, it also suggests how training groups might address both types of learning......Learn more
10:30am (Refreshment Break)
Headliner (H1.1)
Beyond eLearning: A Mobile Learning Case Study @ DEEWR
Connor O'Keefe, Manager Interactive Learning - DEEWR
Mobile devices are continually becoming a way of life for both our personal lives and business. We have been conditioned to the notion that we can access information anytime, anywhere and at the click of a button. DEEWR has been looking at ways of harnessing these devices to support a 70:20:10 approach to learning as well as the more traditional eLearning. In this session, we will take a look at an exciting mobile application....Learn more
Headliner (H1.2)

Heavy lifting: How environmental training lifts business performance
  Clare Feeney, Author 'Seven Steps to Successful Environmental Training Programs'  
All over the world, environmental experts are training people in business and other sectors to help them improve their environmental performance. When bodies like the ILO, the International Labour Organisation, and governments of all......Learn more 

11:30am 5min session minute turnaround 
Headliner (H1.3)

Prison, fines and brand damage: the Why in Why comply    
Deborah Coram, CEO - Safetrac & Lorin Lytras, Head of R&C - Australian Unity
Lorin Lytras (Head of Risk and Compliance) from Australian Unity, and Deborah Coram (CEO) from Safetrac present on the core points and challenges to consider when implementing a compliance program; the differences between compliance and regular eLearning training; and the benefits of achieving a culture of compliance.....
Learn more 

Headliner (H1.4)
Beyond eLearning: A Mobile Learning Case Study @ DEEWR
Con Sotidis, Director L&D - Australian Taxation Office
In the past the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Learning and Development (L&D) has focussed on evaluating and reporting on quantitative L&D activities such as how many courses delivered; how many people attended, and whether the training delivered was good (e.g. Happy Sheets) – as you can see mainly focused on the participant’s perspective. There is now a need for organisations to take this to the next level......Learn More
12:05pm 5min session turnaround
Headliner (H1.5)

A little more conversation: Building a dynamic social learning space
  Ruth McElhone, eLearning Manager - B Online Learning
In this session, we will explore how to build a dynamic social learning space that works.
.......Learn more

Headliner (H1.6)
Identify, lead and educate innovation through problem based learning in the workplace 
  Luke Campbell, L&D Organisational Specialist - CEVA  Logistics
Globalisation and the impact of increased world trade, which continues to grow steadily,
has meant now, more than ever, competition from both domestic and international sources is tougher than ever. A closer look at how successful companies are thriving in this new market environment reveals they are integrating processes, workplace practices.....Learn more
12:40pm Network Lunch
Panel (P1.1)

Making mobile learning work
  Anne Bartlett-Brag - Panel Moderator......Bio
Director - Ripple Effect Group

What really makes mobile learning work and how you can make the most of this critical
shift in how, when, and where learners learn
Connor O' Keefe - Panelist......Bio
Manager Interactive Learning

Nicole White.........Bio
Senior Learning Designer
Miss Script ID

Manish Gupta - Panelist......Bio
Co-Founder & CEO

G-Cube Solutions

Mark Fenna-Roberts........Bio
Managing Director
ITC Learning

Panel (P1.2)

Connected and supported learning and performance
  Dion Groeneweg - Panel Moderator......Bio
Chief Strategist - The Cape Group

In the real world can you seamlessly connect learning to performance support?
What are the effective drivers for this new and unraveling challenge that organisations
must at some point face? 
Denise Meyerson - Panelist......Bio
Author 'Better, Best, Brilliant'
Steve Young - Panelist......Bio
General Manager, Asia Pacific NetDimensions
  Brian Clark - Panelist......Bio 
Director - DOTS Talent Solutions
Paul Rasmussen - Panelist......Bio
Head of Learning - UnitingCare Community.
2:30pm 5min session turnaround
Headliner (H1.7)

Shoot it. Load it. Like it: The must have literacy
  Marinda Chang, Educational Technologist - StudyGroup & SkillsTeck Australia
Gone are the days where having a solid foundation of language, literacy and numeracy would sweeten your odds of getting a job, being digitally savvy is now just as crucial...simply put.It’s an employability skill that will make you stand out! Shoot it. Load it. Like it: The must have literacy will explore and discuss current research......Learn more
Headliner (H1.8)

Village learning design: What is it?
Carmen Vallis, Manager, Learning Resources - NSW TAFE Western Sydney Institute
How do you raise innovative practice in a complex learning community? Often when we think of
ramping up the effectiveness of learning and supporting technologies, we think of the instructional designer at the centre of innovation. Wrong! Innovative practice in learning design and technology grows up in a community, with input and understanding from the village. The most effective impacts in learning technologies belong to and are shaped......Learn more
3:05pm 5min session turnaround 
Headliner (H1.9)

Creating a culture of accountability
  Alistair Box, Associate Partner - TLC Solutions
How often do we witness the destructive and insidious symptoms of the absence of accountability in our workplace - denial, blame, confusion, paralysis and inactivity?  A victim mindset lies at the core of so many of these inefficiencies, causing a pervasive acceptance of mediocrity and underperformance.  As leaders, we must learn to shoulder the personal responsibility of our role and actions.  Being accountable for our own behavior......Learn more
Headliner (H1.10)

Culture wise practice: Creating synergy out of cultural diversity in the modern 
learning organisation.

Caroline Bouten Pinto, Consulting Manager for Partners in Cultural Competence
The world is becoming a smaller place; just look around your organisation.  The people are increasingly from a variety of different cultural backgrounds which can have a significant impact on workplace based relationships. Rather looking at this as something that is a ‘problem’ and needs to be ‘managed’......Learn more 

3:40pm Pre-Awards Presentation Network Drinks 
4:00pm LearnX Impact Awards Presentation - MC Opening Remarks
4:05pm Keynote Presentation
High performance mindsets drive high performing organisations
  Michael Bernard PhD, Melbourne University
Companies are on the search for strategies that can help take their people and organisation to high levels of work performance (productivity-profitability, engagement, innovation, and quality of life. The issue for organisational development and HR strategy is what is the best (ROI) investment to move towards and become a high performing workplace.  Organisations invest in their people in various ways. An important part of investment is in developing job-related knowledge, technical and practical and skills (what they know). Many companies today are also investing in supporting people to work together -networking, collaborating and cooperating (who they know).....Learn more
Awards Winners Take Centre Stage
4:30pm Platinum award winners special insights - Interactive Scenario
Katherine Smart, Learning Consultant - Lend Lease 
Best Interactive Scenario - Lend Lease EH&S Passport
The Lend Lease Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Passport was designed as part of the continuing endeavour to ensure all Lend Lease employees work in the safest way possible.  Lend Lease have a global workforce number in the thousands and an even larger contractor population so ensuring all people are operating in the safest manner while creating ‘the best places’, is fundamental to Lend Lease operations.  All employees of Lend Lease complete the EH&S Passport for either Asset or Construction as part of their continuing commitment to safety.
4:45pm Platinum award winners special insights - Bespoke/Custom
Bridgette Dalzell, Head of Alternate Resourcing and Learning - Telecom NZ
In 2011 Telecom New Zealand established an agents working from home model. There are approximately 200 agents currently in place throughout New Zealand.  Telecom’s existing induction consisted of a nine-week, face-to-face-training programme which was not practical, and expensive, to run for people based in remote locations and working from home. Telecom needed a custom-made solution to find a more efficient way to deploy learning and transfer the information and knowledge required.
5min interlude
5:00pm LearnX Impact Award Winners Ceremony
6:00pm Day 1 Concludes
  Program - Day 2
08:45am MC introductions
Keynote (K2.1)

Exceptional change agents: Why do they succeed against the odds?
Alastair Rylatt PhD, Author 'Winning the Knowledge Game'
Why do some leaders and managers succeed against the odds to facilitate and influence change?  There are many theories and viewpoints but there is little guidance on what distinguishes low from high performing change agents.  Learn what are three most factors in being an exceptional change agent. These findings came from a seven year doctoral study of individual commitment over time......Learn more
Keynote (K2.2)

Forget mlearning: It's Time to move to multi-device learning
Souraya Khoury, eLearning Solutions Manager - Kineo
Thanks to HTML5, mobile learning has been touted as the next big thing - but the take-up rate amongst organisations remains sluggish at best. Is it time to forget mlearning and focus on
multi-device learning instead?  This session focuses on responsive design: what is it, how will it impact learning design, and ultimately how will it ensure the demise of mlearning?  The session includes practical examples......Learn more
Keynote (K2.3)

Shifting the middle
  Don Hernandez, Chief Sales Officer - NetDimensions
Organizations looking to improve the performance of their workforce often focus their attention on high-potential development or filling skills gaps for low performers. But should they be focusing more energy on the middle? The majority of the workforce falls into that middle category, an overlooked and underestimated opportunity for performance improvement efforts. The truth is there is a tremendous......Learn more
Keynote (K2.4)

‘I’ is for ‘Identity’: Who is the ‘I’ in you, how do you judge the ‘I’ in others.
Dr Wright, Learning Solutions APAC
Most people understand the power of  ‘I’:  to influence, repel or unite – personally, socially and
globally.  But, do we understand the root of the ‘I’, how it functions in our day to day lives, and how we can harness its’ power?  The ‘I’ factor, is indelibly linked to the complex arena of inward and outward  ‘identity formation’ of  ‘the self’: that is, how and why we come believe certain ‘truths’ about our selves and others......Learn more
10:30 Refreshment break
Headliner (H2.1)
Bridging the gap: How can we help sustain careers for Australia's indigenous workforce
Sean O'Toole, Director of L&D - NSW Family & Community Services
Aboriginal people have a well documented history of disadvantage when it comes to educational and career opportunities. Sean O’Toole was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship to undertake a research and study tour to New Zealand, Canada and the United States to investigate the best practices in Indigenous education and career development in those countries. Sean’s project aims to strengthen the capability and career options for indigenous people, particularly those working in the human services sector.....Learn more
Headliner (H2.2)

Strategies for applying the flipped classroom model for business learning
Jim Recker, Training Specialist - Citrix Online
The Flipped learning model—courseware and recorded content serving as the initial element of a learning experience, with live virtual sessions, social and collaborative tools supplementing and enhancing the learning experience—has created tremendous buzz in the education community, but is it viable for business learning? Citrix believes that effective use of the flipped learning model can transform business learning effectiveness........Learn more
11:30am 5min session turnaround
Headliner (H2.3)

My new source of truth - Dynamic video solutions
Bobby Sharma, Training Specialist - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
As one of the leading financial organisations in the world, staying ahead of the market and delivering superior products and services requires high performing and informative team members.  Annually the Commonwealth Bank invests over $1 billion dollars in internal projects, and it is essential for staff on these projects to deliver quality outcomes on time and within budget.  Constantly the ‘project community’ within the Bank demands more training to be readily available with minimal cost involved.....Learn more
Headliner (H2.4)

Infographics: A visual link to learning
Nathan Bellato, Senior Interactive L&D Officer, Instructional Designer - DEEWR
In recent times, infographics and data visualisation has rapidly grown in popularity. Infographics take typically complex data and information and presents it in a visually engaging format.  We currently live in a world where digesting and filtering a huge amount of information is the norm. It seems everywhere we turn we are exposed to information, and with the evolution of smartphones, it even follows us in our pockets......Learn more
12:05pm 5min session turnaround

Award Winners in Action - Best Blended
Tony Nye, L&D Consultant - Australian Red Cross Blood Service
See how the Blood Service used Articulate Studio, a handy cam and in-house resources to create a blended learning model that is saving hundreds of hours in training time, and won the platinum award in the blended learning category....Learn more

Award Winners in Action - Best Bespoke/Custom
Bridgette Dalzell, Head of Alternate Resourcing & Learning - Telecom NZ
In 2011 Telecom New Zealand established an agents working from home model. There are approximately 200 agents currently in place throughout New Zealand.  Telecom’s existing induction consisted of a nine-week, face-to-face-training programme which was not practical,
and expensive, to run for people based in remote locations and working from home. Telecom needed a custom-made solution to find a more efficient way to deploy learning and transfer the information and knowledge required.....Learn more
12:40pm Network Lunch
Panel (P2.1)

eLearning stripped back: The excellent, the poor and the decade ahead.
Saul Carliner PhD - Panel Moderator.......Bio
Author 'Informal Learning Basics'

In the 90's eLearning was just a puppy and there was a mix of excitement and anxiety in the training world. eLearning has its ups and downs -- has it got out of control
  Ruth McElhone - Panelist......Bio
eLearning Manager 
B Online Learning
  Ryan Tracey - Panelist......Bio
eLearning Manager

Marinda Chang - Panelist......Bio
eLearning Technologist
StudyGroup & SkillsTeck Australia
Barry Gordon - Panelist.....Bio
Learning Lead
Cubic Consulting 
Panel (P2.2) 1:40pm 
The traditional versus the non-traditional
Gerry Marcus - Panel Moderator......Bio
Head of E-Innovation & E-Strategy - AIFSA

Implementation of new learning  technologies, methodologies and models in many organisations
are full steam ahead. But could we be undermining the value of the tried and tested? 
Natalie Goldman - Panelist......Bio
National L&D Manager
Peoplebank Australia Ltd
Julian Fenwick - Panelist....Bio
GRC Solutions
  Tina Griffin - Panelist.....Bio
eLearning Solutions Manager
Theo Teeder - Panelist...Bio
General Manager
Intuition Publishing
2:30pm  Network Refresment Break
(AWIA 2.3)

Award Winners In Action -
Best VIdeo 
Dion Reddie, Manager Learning Operations & Standards - Australia Post
This video animation was developed as part of a broader Enterprise Induction program, with the aim to build engagement and inspire new employees who join our organisation so they feel an immediate connection with Post. We wanted staff to feel proud of the journey that we have been on and encourage them to contribute immediately to the  shaping our future even though that remains uncertain. For this reason, an animation style was chosen, as we felt it provides the best medium for the messages and emotion we wanted to elicit. It provides the story of our rich history and integrates our changing business with changes in society over time....Learn more
(AWIA 2.4)

Award Winners in Action -
Best Deployment of a Hosted LMS
Julie Catanach, Executive Manager Learning - Suncorp Group
A review of Suncorp’s Learning and Development function was undertaken to better understand its current position relative to global best practice and the ability to deliver the capability required for competitive advantage. A key opportunity was to replace the six existing learning management systems (LMS) with one. The benefits of this included....Learn more
3:20pm 5min session turnaround
Headliner (H2.5) 3:25pm  Working with the traditional to transition and transform learning
Susanna Ianni, Learning Manager - GrainCorp Limited
Organisations that embark on introducing online learning often assume that ‘the system’ will provide the answer to building people capabilities and in turn enhance performance.  In very traditional businesses there are a number of challenges that can prevent the activation of an online solution and which influence the degree with which learners can ‘come online’.
 Learn more
Headliner (H2.6) 3:25pm 
The evolution of eLearning in Local Government
Megan TeBay, Senior Human Resources Business Partner - Blue Mountains City Council
Working within a Local Government environment financial constraints are always prevalent.  The need for providing training to a semi regional organisation at minimum cost led Blue Mountains City Council to venture into the world of e-learning.  Hear one Council's story of their e-learning journey....Learn more
3:55pm 5min session turnaround
(AWIA 2.5)

Award Winners in Action -
Best Induction
Julie Moss, Manager Learning & Development  - Canon Australia
Canon Australia is a company of 1000 employees, located in North Ryde with 50% of employees located in interstate major cities. We required a sustainable, consistent induction experience for all new starters, regardless of location that builds passion for who we are as a company, our values (Togetherness, Achievement, Integrity, Bravery, Imagination) and our culture....Learn more
(AWIA 2.6)

Award Winners in Action -
Best OH&S
Ben Thomas, Learning Systems Manager - Murcotts Driving Excellence
Murcotts’ eDrive is a computer based or online safe driving program for employees. The program provides a cost effective way to introduce safe driving principles in organisations with staff who drive as part of their work.  eDrive comprises two easy to use modules that....Learn more
4:30pm  Day 2 Concludes


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