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Speaker Sue Collaro 

Sue Collaro is a Director of Symmetree and principle consultant. Sue brings a sound background in communication, group facilitation and coaching methodologies to leadership, management and professional development programs development and delivery. Qualifications include: Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguisitic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy, Advanced Coaching Certification and Myers Briggs (MBTI) accredited.

Should Soft Skills be left in the Classroom?
Effective Learning Design

Why you should listen to Sue: Breakout Session:  Wed Sept 14, 2011    12:30am - 1:00pm 

Should soft skills be left in the classroom? Or is it possible to create change using elearning? We teach soft skills to reinforce behaviours underpinning corporate values, or to achieve behavioural change. If behaviours exist in our unconscious, how do we enable learners to access them? Can we really create change using elearning, or is it something that should be left to the classroom? Do good classroom facilitators make good elearning instructional designers? What is the relationship between teaching and learning? In this session participants will take part in real examples, tapping into their unconscious habits, and learn strategies to incorporate into instructional design for both elearning and classroom courses.

Learn more about Sue   www.symmetree.com.au

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