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Speaker Sandra Walden Pearson, The Conflict Coach 

Sandra is a LEADR accredited, Cinergy® trained conflict coach who brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to working with conflict constructively. As The Smith Family’s inaugural National Learning and Development Manager, Sandra led the successful operational alignment of the organisation’s seven year, transformational strategic change from welfare to prevention. This change management initiative, designed to develop, promote and support informed choice and self-determination, resulted in respectful outcomes both for individual and organisation. Sandra now assists myriad organisations with which she works to apply strengths based, inclusive approaches both to change management and to conflict prevention and intervention.

Working Constructively with Organisational Conflict for Business Success

Why you should listen to Sandra: Breakout Session:  Wed Sept 14, 2011    4:00pm - 4:30pm 

In this session, Sandra will identify the common causes of conflict and share contemporary approaches to working with conflict constructively for business success. This is a highly experiential session where you become a Conflict Management Coach engaged by the Fictitious Organisation Group (FOG).™  Your brief is to review and make recommendations on a conflict event, presented as a case study, impacting FOG’s productivity, employee performance and wellbeing, time, money and brand reputation.
You will use a diagnostic framework to report to FOG on the following; what might be the common causes of conflict that have contributed to the impacts; what approaches to working with conflict could be considered evidence of these causes; what key professional and personal contemporary approaches to working with conflict constructively would you recommend FOG™ prioritises; and what might be a SMART first step for each. As Conflict Management Coach, you deliver on FOG’s brief by answering these urgent and important questions.
Learn more about Sandra   www.waldenpearson.com    

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