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Speaker Dr Helena Popovic 

Dr Helena Popovic MBBS, Peak Health for Peak Performance. Since graduating in medicine from the University of Sydney in 1995, Dr Helena Popovic has been paving the way for a new paradigm in peak health and peak performance. A specialist in brain plasticity and lifestyle-based diseases, Helena shows how we can achieve excellence in every area of our lives – through education, not medication. Helena combines her experience as doctor, researcher, Lifeline counsellor, fitness instructor and carer for her elderly father, to deliver sophisticated messages with common sense practicality and infectious energy. Her book, “In Search of My Father” shows how we can defy dementia, boost our brains and prevent the cognitive decline we’ve mistakenly believed was inevitable with ageing.

Peak Health for Peak Performace

Why you should listen to Helena: Headliner Session:  Thu Sept 15, 2011    1:45pm - 2:00pm 

In this fast-paced, information-packed presentation Helena doesn’t pull any punches. Everyone wants to be healthy and it’s obvious that peak performance requires peak health. But it isn’t happening. Australia has overtaken America as the fattest and unfittest nation in the world.  A title we don’t want to hang on to. Moment by moment we’re making choices that either improve our health or strain our health; that either lift our performance or lower our performance. Helena reveals the often-surprising consequences of our choices and how to start choosing for success. Participants will discover how to take charge of their health and performance and the small things that make a big difference.
Learn more about Dr Helena Popovic  www.helenapopovic.com

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