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Speaker Duy Huynh

Duy Huynh is the Executive Producer & Creative Director of Beyondedge. With a diverse background in IT, Web, Film and TV industries, Duy’s career has always been somewhat transcendent of traditional boundaries. At the core of it, his work has been the integration of creative ideas with technology, which has brought fresh thinking to the world of eLearning. In his role at Beyondedge, Duy combines creative thinking with clear strategic and solving problems skills, ensuring technology and creativity hand in hand to solve client’s business & learning objectives. Beyondedge specialises in producing highly engaging elearning that blends interactive simulations, dramatisations, games and stunning 3D animations to make learning more compelling and effective. Duy’s rare combination of skill-sets makes him one of the few industry specialists with a true understanding of how to take advantage of this convergent media world.

Go 'Behind the Scenes' on a Professional
eLearning Production

Why you should listen to Duy: Frontliner Session:  Wed Sept 14, 2011  11:45pm - 12:15pm 

Ever wondered what happens inside a professional eLearning firm?  In this workshop, Duy Huynh, Executive Producer at Beyondedge, shares with you their ‘internal’ production secrets, watch a project come together from start to finish, and at each stage, see how instructional design is applied. This is an unprecedented, 'behind-the-scenes,' look at how a professional eLearning production works and how the creative, technical and instructional elementscomes together to deliver a compelling interactive experience. In this session the role of instructional design and the eLearning production processes are covered. You will see how a professional project comes together and then finish with some Q&A.
Learn more about Duy Huynh HERE      

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