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Speaker Dawid Falck 

Dawid Falck AFAIM, Chief Executive Officer. He is an international business leader and ICT specialist. Prior to TheCyberInstitute, Dawid held senior roles with Vodafone, Australia and New Zealand. Before joining Vodafone, Dawid’s career spanned the Information Technology sector where he held several roles with Datacom NZ, Infinity Solutions NZ and Netscope South Africa. A qualified teacher, Dawid taught special needs education in Romford, England.

Learning Accountability: Where does it sit?
The Individual or the Company?

Why you should listen to Dawid: Headliner Session:  Wed Sept 14, 2011    2:00pm - 2:15pm 

A fundamental principle of organisational learning is the learning culture that exists within a business. Depending on your business, this culture places varying degrees of responsibility on either individual employees or the company, or a combination of both, to pursue the development of employees’ skill sets. Over the past 10 years, Dawid has seen a changing learning culture impact the development of organisational learning solutions and address the way employees learn and develop, often in ways previously not possible, due to the advancements of eLearning. Dawid will walk us though the eLearning philosophy and provide examples of how this impacts your digital learning solutions, as well as practical examples of how to identify and cater for your organisational learning paradigm. 
Learn more about Dawid Falck and TheCyberInstitute  www.thecyberinstitute.com.au     

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