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Speaker Bruce Hilliard

Since 1983 Bruce Hilliard has been exploring the science and art of teaching, by applying extensive research in a range of psychological specialisations, to create highly effective and practical educational techniques. These innovative approaches have then been applied in many countries, and with numerous Government and commercial organisations, to ensure that they work in real world situations to significantly improve learning outcomes. Some of these techniques have already been explained in his ground-breaking book ‘Persuasion and Influence, The Science and Art of Effective Presentation’. Bruce is continuing his research through Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Optimised Content Development
Why you should listen to Bruce: Frontliner Session:  Thu Sept 15, 2011    11:00am - 11:00pm 

This session addresses one of the key dimensions of complexity, by explaining how content can be optimised through the use of cognitive templates. With just five easy-to-use templates you can literally create any form of content, and pitch it at the correct level of complexity. Because these templates are the result of more than 18 years of research into the fields of psychology and cognitive science, they are directly aligned to the way people assess and comprehend information. You can therefore use these templates to rapidly create highly effective web or lesson content that genuinely assists your students to learn. The first section of this session will provide an overview of the cognitive templates. The latter part of the presentation will demonstrate the application of these templates by dynamically building a lecture on a subject defined by the attendees. This lecture will be valuable for anyone involved in learning development, or on-line training package or web page creation.
Learn more about Bruce Hilliard   www.seahorses-consulting.com.au     

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